Our Philosophy:

Everyday hundreds of children and women in India, are ruined by the calamities of nature and mankind, begin their journey to illiteracy and malnutrition.

This social movement is committed to support, liberate and rebuild these lives devastated by misfortune.

Focusing on global warming – environment and climatic changes.

Our Mission

We Build Lives!

We reach out to children and women hailing from the rural and urban metros, all those unfortunate falling much below the poverty line.

Our social endeavors promote & educates the general mass especially students on Global Warming, its effects and causes.

Conducting- Trainings and workshops for students, teachers and the mass on conservation of Energy.

An Inclusive Vision:

Our initiatives are socially inclusive, with special emphasis on issues that involve hapless children, women and our planet Earth. Because of the need to involve all elements of the community, our organization and initiatives have no religious or political affiliations.